Our consultancy services help businesses fulfill appropriate IT techniques and digital solutions to enforce business-IT connections and facilitate profits from existing IT projects. It's advantageous to have a second opinion before implementing any alterations.

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What's in it for you?

Consultancy involves a range of consulting services that include an audit of enterprise IT systems and developing a strategy to optimize expenses for support and business growth. Using the offered service, company owners can see a complete picture of the operation of their information systems and receive professional advice on their modernization or replacement.

Resolving issues

Guiding businesses

Regardless of the direction of activity, only those companies that use all the possibilities for automating business processes can "survive" in modern realities. Therefore, consultancy is an irreplaceable service in demand by organizations of all spheres and sizes.

iconDevelop effective tactics for the development of information systems.
iconOptimize expenses for support and business growth using the IT infrastructure.
iconImprove the efficiency of business process activities involving IT solutions.
iconCreate optimal conditions for IT systems to respond to market requirements.

Effective implementation

Efficient consulting

Support Organization to select, adapt and implement delivery methodologies (Agile Scrum, Agile Kanban, ITIL).

Assess, prepare, and integrate with ITSO (IT Services Outsourcing).

Audit Information Security and execute Security Tests.


How is IT consulting from US Software Solutions carried out?

Employees of our company carry out IT consulting, relying on their own experience and the best achievements of world practice. We are ready to put forward productive proposals for solving problems of any complexity. Our main goal is to provide the client with indispensable tools for transforming IT systems to increase profits and increase business efficiency.

All IT consulting services are provided according to the following scenario:

The provided IT consulting services allow you to develop and implement a truly effective business continuity management program. The decisions made are adequate for the enterprise and as straightforward as possible for the management, staff, customers, and business partners.

Assessment Stage

Our employees delve into the specifics of the enterprise, study its infrastructure and solutions used.

Recommendation Stage

Based on the information received, the final assessment of IT systems is carried out, and recommendations for their optimization are developed.

Execution Stage

If the client decides to implement the recommendations, work is carried out to create new information systems or modernize them to meet the market's needs.


Insightful feedback

Professional services

On-premise or nearshore Consulting or IT teams delivery.

Flexible onboarding process fitting client expectation.

Shared team management.


Experienced specialists

Benefits of cooperating with US Software Solutions

Turning to US Software Solutions provides opportunities for efficient, economical, and comfortable management of the organization's work. We study in detail all customer requests and develop an effective strategy, taking into account industry standards and leading trends in IT technology.

Undisputed perks

Cooperation with us has many advantages:

iconComprehensive expertise and professional implementation of the required products. The knowledge and experience of our specialists help them correctly and accurately build an optimization strategy.
iconAffordable cost of IT consulting regardless of the complexity of the decisions made.
iconQuick start of the project with the prompt conclusion of the contract and the provision of services in a strictly agreed time frame.
iconPersonal approach - each project is considered individually, taking into account the specifics of the organization. The company receives IT solutions that are most appropriate for its tasks.

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