US Energy Solutions

US Energy Solutions is a full-range energy-consulting company. It means it’s offering an array of super-convenient energy procurement solutions. The primary goal is to demystify the energy industry and make it less… complicated for energy consumers.

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A comprehensive
list of services:


Retail Energy


US Energy Solutions helps the energy consumers find the best rates, manage risks to their investments and customize their energy procurement solutions to give them complete freedom in choosing the suppliers and services they require. Strategic insight, energy performance, and highly competitive pricing will affect how and where people procure energy.

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EV Charging


The continuous growth of electric vehicle sales will provoke an expansion of the charging station networks as well. Therefore it is imperative to provide potential customers with a fast and convenient way to charge their vehicles close to the office/retail outlet/place of business. US Energy Solutions is a one-stop-shop for EV charging station installation.

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Demand Response

US Energy Solutions will determine where and how commercial users can reduce electricity consumption and facilitate agreements between consumers and utility companies. In return for participating in a demand response program, consumers will benefit from more favorable power rates and other valuable incentives.

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LED Services

US Energy Solutions believes that reaching greater energy efficiency implies tailoring a new and advanced approach to energy management. Businesses nationwide can now benefit from switching to LEDs thanks to the expanded versatility in the LED lighting options.

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LED Services

Grid Optimization

US Energy Solutions is working hard to keep track of the changing needs of utilities and energy consumers by cultivating industry-leading grid optimization solutions. The company has the means necessary to optimize electricity grids, reduce harmful pollution, keep the lights on when severe weather strikes, and ensure that the customers are fully protected from any unpleasant surprises.

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Solar Energy

Solar technologies continue to evolve, providing commercial owners and organizations nationwide with improved energy efficiency and additional energy choices. Regardless of your solar power needs, US Energy Solutions is your premier choice when it comes to finding a system tailored to your needs. The company helps business owners increase their energy profitability.

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An all-in-one energy management platform


US Energy Solutions is one’s go-to option when it comes to energy management. Here’s the deal – whether you’re looking for affordable electricity or natural gas, effective LED upgrades, eco-friendly Solar Energy solutions, profitable Demand Response rebates, or cutting-edge Grid Optimization options, US Energy Solutions has got your back. All you need is to fill in the contact form and get all the answers to any of the energy-related questions you have.

find all the right answers

Find all the right answers

We've compiled an entire Insights section that gives our readers a better understanding of the services we offer. A sort of an FAQ section with answers to all the questions one might have regarding our solutions. Whether you're interested in Solar Energy, LED Services, or EV Charging, our Academies are bound to help you make the right call.

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