How US Software Solutions and Its Partner Companies Are Building a More Interconnected World

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In an era where technological integration is pivotal to societal advancement, US Software Solutions, along with its partner companies, ENERGY5, Utilities One, and Moldcable, are at the forefront of crafting a world where interconnectedness is not just an ideal but a reality. 

These entities work synergistically, each with a distinct focus yet a shared vision, to foster an ecosystem of services that enhance digital connectivity, energy efficiency, and infrastructure robustness. 

US Software Solutions, one of the leaders in the telecom engineering sector, develops innovative solutions that not only bridge the gap between technology and its users but also ensure that digital accessibility is a universal standard, not a privilege.


ENERGY5 emerges as a key player in the realm of energy efficiency, offering an array of products and comprehensive solutions tailored for both residential and commercial spaces. By guiding clients from the selection of the right energy solutions to the installation's completion, ENERGY5 highlights a commitment to facilitating greener living and operational practices.

The company is leading the shift to sustainable transportation, managing over 500 EV chargers across the US, and promoting green initiatives with incentives covering up to 90% of costs. This effort aligns with projections that by 2035, 25% of gas stations will close, and 58% of new car sales will be EVs, preparing the US for a sustainable future.


Moldcable, meanwhile, addresses the critical infrastructure needs of the digital age, positioning itself as a leading force in the installation and maintenance of essential telecommunications services. By ensuring the reliable installation of digital cable, high-speed internet, VOIP, and alarm systems, Moldcable plays a pivotal role in enhancing the digital fabric of our societies. Their services, encompassing new installations, upgrades, and service calls, cater to both residential and commercial locations, underlining the company's versatile expertise and commitment to connectivity.

At Moldcable, more than 600 specialized technicians are actively working in over 27 states in the US, committed to ensuring fast and reliable connectivity for each household, facilitating broad access to essential digital services.

Utilities One

Utilities One completes the picture by offering full-spectrum infrastructure solutions to a diverse set of industries, including telecommunications, electric utilities, oil & gas, and more. Their comprehensive service offering underscores the importance of robust infrastructure as the backbone of technological advancement and connectivity. By servicing such a wide array of sectors, UtilitiesOne not only facilitates the operational efficiency of these industries but also contributes to the broader goal of enhancing global connectivity and technological integration. 

In the US, Utilities One is addressing the digital divide by expanding national broadband projects that aim to enhance digital connectivity over 20 million miles, especially targeting those without high-speed broadband in underserved rural areas, to foster economic growth, education, and healthcare access.

Together, US Software Solutions and our partner companies are not just contributors to our respective fields; we are architects of a more interconnected world. Through our concerted efforts and specialized services, we are all laying the groundwork for a future where technological integration enhances every aspect of life, from the comfort of our homes to the efficiency of our public services and the sustainability of our environments. 


Cristina Costin

Marketing Specialist

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